Arduino CA-288 26-55Inch LED TV Constant Current BoardLED TV Universal Inverter LED TV Backlight Driver Teater Board

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Description:The LED Strip Vol must be between 60V-165V.shall not exceed the maximum working voltage of 165V.If the voltage exceeds ,the screen will appear dark or flashing lamp and so on. This product is only constant, not constant voltage, the voltage will automatically adjust to the appropriate voltage according to the led strip need, so you do not worry about in no-load voltage condition measuring how much voltage is.You may meet the problems after correct lighting:The brightness is not enough, the screen is significantly darker than the originals .now you need to do the two things :First, attempt to use the remote control after connected to the transfer barefoot to try brightness, if not resolved,test the actual pin voltage (Note: it will be the greatest brightness in 0V, the brightness will be the darkest in greatest Voltage) .if it is an analog voltage mode voltage range is between 0V-5V or 0V-3.3V, if the voltage has been in hight condition all the time andcan not be reduced ,now you need to adjust it . the voltage is 3.3V if it is PWM signal ,it still can be up to request if adjust tothe greatest brightness at this time ,you need to do second programSecond, adjusting the resistance , increases the current to meet the requirements.Package Included:1 x CA-288 26-55Inch LED TV Constant Current Board LED TV Universal Inverter LED TV Backlight Driver Board

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